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They call themselves the paper of record.  When they were the journalistic standard for the newspaper industry this moniker was appropriate.  The “paper of record” clearly is no longer the paper of any record worth using, except for maybe wrapping fish and lining bird cages. The Times has become a scandal sheet touting the left and smearing when it deems appropriate.  They recently smeared a sitting United States Supreme Court Justice in an effort to intimidate him into voting with the left.  The theory evidently is keep smearing, make his life miserable, embarrass him and his wife, and yes his children as pressure – if you want this to stop then massage your SCOTUS votes to be more acceptable of the left’s positions.

Their sensational unsubstantiated reporting on Justice Kavanaugh has now been retracted by the Times, saying it could not be verified.  Then why was it printed?  Journalism means getting your facts strait and verify them.  Journalism apparently does not take place at the New York Times any longer.

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