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Democrats are simply anti-American / unamerican!  Independents take note.  Let’s look at the list of recent unamerican activities.

Start a phony Russia collusion investigation to discredit President Trump and Republicans supporting him solely to take control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 general election.

Spend more than $32 million using a dozen democrat prosecutors under Mueller to muddy up the President with the help of the daily pronouncements of the largely ultra-biased media to find out that there is no collusion nor obstruction.

The current chair of the House Intelligence Committee had stated publicly a multitude of times that he had proof of Trump’s collusion, yet never produced any to back up his claim.

At the expense of legislating to solve the border and immigration crisis, the Democrats have done nothing but block every effort to fix the problem of poor laws passed by Congress.  Why? Do not let Donald Trump govern to allow their media friends to continue to soil his name.

Now they claim “cover-up” of what we are not quite sure.  The media will continue to claim cover-up with scant reference to what was covered up.  The latest claim was payments to “cover up” the Daniels affair of which we are all aware.  Guess he does not cover up very well.

They now want his income taxes, which are likely so complicated that they will not understand what they are reading, just to find SOMETHING to smear him with.

They want to hold the Attorney General in contempt for failing to release the entire Muller report which due to a law passed by Congress cannot be released in its entirety due to grand jury testimony.  Yet, the Democrat chairs of the committees have had the opportunity to see and read the ENTIRE report but have not opted to do so.  It is simply not important to them.

Understand this!

They want to continue to unjustly slime our President solely to prevent him from winning reelection.  Is this how our representatives should act?

These Democrats are so intent on getting to the bottom of this they are going on recess – yes recess.  This is political theatrics on a grand scale, and it is hurting this nation because their full-time effort to disparage the President is preventing them from legislating, fixing the egregious border issues.  Or perhaps they do not want to fix the issue in the hopes they can keep the border open.  Their efforts sent a clear signal to China to renege on the China trade deal, indicating to them that they should wait two years and get a better deal.  Yes, by any name unamerican!

Independents, I am not alone in this analysis.  Wake Up Democrats, Our Party is Unamerican, published November 1, 2018, in the American Thinker.

The Democrats have become the poster children for unamerican.  Independents who would you prefer leading this nation – the man behind a very strong economy, making America great again or a party devoid of a statesman, more concerned about taking the Whitehouse than legislating?   The House of Representatives must be turned back to the control of Republicans in the 2020 election or our nation will be a nation of chaos and non-government.