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Progressives have convinced many of your state legislators to have your state join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.  This is the compact that gives ALL of your states’ electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote – sound great doesn’t it.

Well it is a sham!  Your legislators have been deceived.  They have given away your state’s control to elect the leader of this nation.  Here is how this compact works.

On election day you vote for the President and Vice-President.  In most states you are voting for electors who have agreed to vote in the Electoral College for the candidate who achieves the winning popular vote in your state.  The electors meet on December 19 of the presidential election year and cast their electoral vote for the President and Vice-President.

The NPV Interstate Compact agreed to by states allocates ALL that state’s electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, regardless how your state voted.   Your state may have selected candidate “A”, but candidate “B” received the most votes nationally – not the majority, necessarily.  Your states’ electoral votes go to candidate “B” even if candidate “B” received only 40% of the national vote.

Why is it a nasty truth?

  • What your state legislators have not been told or didn’t realize and what you have not been told, is that a state can keep a candidate off the ballot, denying the candidate all popular vote from that state.
  • California wants to keep Donald Trump off the ballot, by requiring a candidate publicly publish his or her tax returns to qualify for the ballot.  His returns are under audit thus publicly publishing them is inappropriate.
  • If a state can deny a candidate the ballot for this or a multitude of other reasons, then they can keep a candidate’s popular vote at zero.  So what if two or more states agree (California, Illinois, and New York?) to keep a candidate off the ballot for whatever reason?

Thus no popular votes for the denied candidate from those states.


They can manipulate the presidential election each and every election.

The issue does not have to be about income tax returns, they can pass a law about just anything.

The goal will be to keep the non-progressive candidate off the state ballot.  Even though it may be a federal election, the state controls the ballot.

Today, should California keep Donald Trump off the ballot – he did not expect to win the California electoral vote anyway – thus no real impact.

There are other ways to manipulate the popular vote.  The progressives can run a weak candidate, a straw horse, with mirrored views of the non-progressive candidate, thus bleeding off popular vote for the non-progressive candidate giving the progressive candidate the popular vote.

Contact your legislators in these states/district (CA, CT, DC, HI, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, RI, VT, WA, NM, CO, DE, ID, IN, ME, OR, NV, MN ) and demand your state withdraw from or not pass the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.  It is a sneaky backdoor effort to instituting California type progressive rule for many years to come.