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A state of the art paper ballot scanner and tabulator.

When voting is the most important thing a citizen can do as a citizen, why do we keep rushing to make it more electronic, more dependent on algorithms, more susceptible to interference?

We unbelievably want to make it cheaper and faster, but why?  It is the most important thing we do as citizens.  Shouldn’t we plod and exercise the most care?

The paper ballot with optical scanning is still the more secure way to hold an election.  The scanning machines are tested prior to the count, the scanner reads the pixel location for the vote, if unsure the ballot is kicked out for review and not counted.

The same paper ballot is again used for any recounts, automated or hand counts.  The electronic machines provide a printout of the vote for each voter, but the same algorithm can provide a different selection for the total vote tabulation.

Someone, anyone please tell me why we continue our love affair with voting into the abyss of a black box, with nothing but electrons for a recount.