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Robert Mueller, Special Counsel

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The following video recaps the indictments of 12 Russians for interfering in our 2016 election.  Special Counsel Mueller has spent millions and Democrats have become apoplectic over the “Russian Interference in our 2016 Presidential Election”.  It is clear that Mueller’s real target is President Trump.  But did these Russians actually interfere and is President Trump the rightful President of the United States?  Mr. Rosenstein clearly answeres the first part of this question in this video, which precludes the need for the second part of the question – is President Trump the rightful President of the United States?  Of course, he is.

In the video, Mr. Rosenstein makes this statement: “…THERE IS NO ALLEGATION IN THIS INDICTMENT…THAT ANY AMERICAN CITIZEN COMMITTED A CRIME. THERE IS NO ALLEGATION THAT THE CONSPIRACY CHANGED THE VOTE COUNT OR AFFECTED ANY ELECTION RESULTS…”.  These statements are not made up, after all, they are verbatim statements from the person who appointed Robert Mueller to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election, supposedly the Russians were helping President Trump get elected.

So I ask, why is the Mueller witchhunt continuing and why do the Democrats want to continue this bogus investigation into Donald Trump when they take control of the House of Representatives in 2019?

Consider this, the Hillary Clinton Campaign’s funding of the phony uncorroborated dossier on Donald Trump and her financial ties to the Russian government have been ignored.  The dossier was used as the primary document in FISA Court warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.  This in itself is a crime to mislead the judges of the FISA court.

Is developing dirt on an election opponent illegal? NO! Done all the time by all political parties.

Is making up dirt or exaggerating dirt on an election opponent illegal? NO! Done all the time my candidates of all political parties.

When the special counsel, Robert Mueller, resorts to finding something to charge a witness with, to coerce false testimony, and tells the witness that there will be no charges if he or she lies to nail the President, the office of the special counsel has crossed over to illegal vigilantism.  Yet the mainstream media is drooling over every potential coerced lie.

Rush Limbaugh discussed this very issue on the radio a day or two ago.  It is time that this “witch hunt” ended.  There is no crime, yet this special counsel investigates people to find a crime no matter how small or insignificant to coerce them into lying, it is routinely called in legal circles as not singing, but composing.