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The Problem:

What to do about the voting irregularities or perceived irregularities?  First what are the problems?  Well, there are many and the fix is very difficult, unless the populace (registered voters that is) start making noise, but what should they make noise about?

  • The progressive socialists know that they cannot win without stacking the deck.  Thus they seek to have all persons within the United States vote, citizen or not, dead or not, vote multiple times or not.
  • The legislatures in the various states don’t have a clear understanding how voting and registrations should be managed.
  • Our federal government is complicit, in that the Election Assistance Commission controls the federal voter registration rules, and they have published these rules to require the states, all states, to register voters for a federal only ballot, without seeking proof of citizenship.  You can register for a federal only ballot with just proof of residence – a telephone bill.
  • It is possible for dead people to vote at the hand of someone else.
  • It is possible for someone to vote in multiple states.
  • As we, for some reason, try to make voting more subject to electronics, make it faster, and make results faster we increase the odds of malfeasance.
  • As we allow more and more days of early voting and the ever popular mail balloting without the necessary controls in all states, we increase the odds of malfeasance.

What is my experience, as you should be asking, what does he know about elections?  I sat on a unique commission in Arizona.  I was an appointed commissioner sitting on the Pima County Elections Integrity Commission and I had occasion to be the Republican representative, along with a few others, allowed to sit in the counting room within 10 feet of the ES&S DS 850 counting machines.  I also was able to examine the Pima County Recorder’s operation where mail and provisional ballots were validated.  I even validated that the dead are eliminated from the registered voter records.

My expertise is that I have done my homework.

The electronic touch screens have been proven by a Princeton University study, (another study) that the algorithms can be played with to provide the voter a recap of voting as the voter voted it, except the algorithm can be made to also provide a different set of results for counting.  Do we really need electronic voting?  Pima County now uses paper ballots and the selection mark is scanned by the ES&S machine, based on pixel density.  It has proven to be very accurate, since if the machine is in doubt it kicks out the ballot for further review.  In addition, paper ballots are very suitable for a hand recount.  The polling place cast ballots are counted in a central facility, but are boxed and sealed at the polling place by the top Democrat and top Republican at the polling place.  The count is recorded and signed off by both.  Ballots are then sent to the central counting facility, where the boxes are counted against the sign off and the polling place tally of boxes in front of the political party observers.

Ballots are run through the machines one box at a time and the box is then repacked, sealed, and sign off by the observers after checking the total from the machine total print out against the tally for the polling place.  Damaged ballots are sent to a team of reviewers, mixed parties, to determine voter intent and the ballot is re-voted under dual control so it can be run through the machine successfully.  Now I am into the weeds, so suffice it to say that the process is quite solid and paper ballots scanned make this possible.  Needless to say the ES&S machines counting capability is validated both before and after the election and numbered seals are placed on the machines under the watchful eye of the observers. Next day observers review the seal number before the seal is broken for the day.

While this is not everything involved in counting with the ES&S machines, is covers most all.  It should also be known that the machine’s data is transferred by special fit USB devices to a sole computer NOT connected to any other computer in any way.  Daily print outs are also available as back up.

Now for the all important mail ballot.  When the ballot arrives, the outer envelop is opened, leaving the inner envelop with the voter’s signature.  The signature is validated against the registrant’s signature on file and if not a clear match, the voter is contacted to validate that the ballot is theirs.  If not theirs the ballot is not sent for counting to the counting room.  This is a time consuming process and since all early ballots are handled as mail ballots, and all provisional ballots needing voter validation are handled as mail ballots, a large turn out can cause severe backups due to the volume needing signature validation and a number needing personal contact with the voter.

The Pima County system works well, but it could be better.  In fact the entire national system can be better.


The Solution:

This solution can be accomplished with a change in the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) passed into law by an overwhelming vote of the Congress and signed into law by President Bush.  This statute created the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) which has been hijacked by the left.  The EAC can stipulate voter registration and balloting in federal elections.  Thus a phone bill can let you register to vote a federal only ballot.

A change in the EAC, via a modification of the HAVA statute can provide for a federal only ballot voter registration and balloting change.  It can stipulate proof of citizenship is required and that a voter registrant thumb print is also required for a federal only ballot registration.  Registration can occur at any post office where an electronic thump print is captured.  It can require that a thumb print be placed on any mail ballot or an in person voted ballot. Technology is likely to make available for an easy mail capable thumb print applicator.  If not, it will be developed in short order. Yes this will require the states to have the federal thumb database, a secure database, available for all voters on election day and where all mail ballots are processed.  The EAC can also stipulate how a federal ballot is managed. It can require a paper ballot and optical scanning, allowing for a paper recount in all states.  This standardizes all federal elections. The voter mail ballot and the in person voter thumb print is scanned against the database.

I hear you, does this help state elections?  Yes it does, state legislatures will want to adopt the system for all state voting and state registration, since they must all have it for the federal ballot, and since the federal government will be footing most of the bill.  Okay expand the registration process to all state offices, if the state signs on, allow for another finger if no thumb, or a special picture ID.  States can authorize mobile units that can do the voter registration proof of citizenship and thumb print.  Of course if the state legislature does not sign on, then the state cannot help.

The challenge is that the current Congress will not want to pass this, as Democrats are now in charge of the House. It is pretty obvious from their open calls in Florida to count all ballots without verification of citizenship. It will take a voter ground swell push to make this happen and it may take some time.  However, if we can get this done, no longer will dead people vote, no longer will people vote in multiple states, no longer will non-citizens vote.

 A move to clean elections is needed to restore confidence in our electoral process.  Comments and/or suggestions are welcome.