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There is a video, where Nancy Pelosi, minority leader of the democrats in the House of Representatives, describes how to wrap up and smear an opponent, an issue, or a political appointee solely for political gain Independents, and democrats, take special notice of this the video.  Over the last two years President Trump and members of his administration has been smeared and of late Justice Kavanaugh has been royally smeared.

In the video, Pelosi is referring to how it is done to her, but she clearly lays out what has been done by the democrats to the President and Justice Kavanaugh.

Let us consider for a minute the strategy of each side. Under Donald Trump, all hell is breaking lose with a robust economy, and greatly improving foreign relations.  President Trump has been adding judges and justices to the appellate and supreme courts who make decisions only by using the Constitution, statute, and precedent. These jurists do not make law from the bench.  In addition, under Donald Trump the size of the federal government workforce has been reduced, and of great note unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, and women is the lowest on record.

Now take a hard look at the democrats and tell me what they stand for.  We have heard them say higher taxes, medicare for all at the price of $37 Trillion, open borders, dismissal of the Immigration Customs Enforcement unit of our government and socialism.   We are already under an opioid epidemic from drugs brought into our country by cartel drug mules – men who cross our border illegally.  MS 13 crosses our border regularly and then disburses to scattered points around the country to create havoc, mutilate, rob, and rape.

Instead the democrats are calling for programs that will not protect you and me.  They are focusing on eliminating borders and protecting criminal illegal aliens.  They encourage Antifa and other mob actors where free speech is shut down, property is destroyed, and if you are a conservative you may very well be assaulted.

Since they have no real platform to offer you, they have to opt for what Pelosi calls the “Wrap Up Smear”.  You have seen this at play heavily in the Kavanaugh hearings and anything Donald Trump does.  Is this the party you wish to have in power?  They are apparently experts in the “Wrap Up Smear” where they use the main stream media as useful idiots.

You really owe it to yourself to watch the video (link below), because Pelosi describes how to smear perfectly.  Of course, she says that the Republicans do this, but look at today’s news.  It is filled with anti-republican smears, anti-Kavanaugh smears.  This is coming from the democrats.

If you don’t vote Republican you are seeking to put a party in power that simply does not have your best interests at heart.  Yes, the Republican party may not all have your best interests at heart, but President Trump has proven he has your back.  Democrats will do everything and anything to stop him.  They have already gone on record about this.

Let’s consider our economy, unemployment, and a host of other accomplishments – have you seen North Korea fire any ICBM’s toward us lately? We now have a new good trade agreement among Canada, Mexico, and U.S. – the USMCA.  Pelosi talks about republicans closing hospitals, it is just the opposite.  Did not Donald Trump attack the VA problem to provide better health care to our veterans.  The Democrats in Congress had done nothing to fix this.   We know that the Republicans in Congress will work with Donald Trump and the Democrats in Congress are on record of wanting to impeach him without a crime – they want to stop all the good he is doing for you and me, so watch the video and make your own decision about people and issues being smeared.  I also ask that you share this piece with as many others as you see fit.

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