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The Congressional swamp depends on lobbyist money to exist.  There is no way to stop this money without a constitutional amendment. 

Here’s the plan.

Use the Convention of States process under Article 5 to pass an amendment that radically controls the money that currently steers this country. There is a series called “The Swamp” that uncovers the real problems in Congress.  Four brave Congressman go on the record explaining in detail just how badly corrupted this branch of government has become.  If you watch the series, link is below, you will come away with anger in your heart, but with a great desire to solve the problem. 

Imaging how corrupt it is to have to pay for your committee assignment or chairmanship!  To have any effect our representative must take lobbyist money and provide the lobbyist his, her, their payback.  Doing what the lobbyist wants and not what the constituent wants.

The amendment solution:

“Only registered voters of a congressional district may donate to a congressional candidate running in their specific district.  Only registered voters of a state may donate to a senate candidate running in that state.

“There may be no paid advertisements, aired, displayed or disseminated, of any type, for or against a congressional or senate candidate running for a federal office during the ninety days prior to a federal congressional election. Permitted are advertisements, aired, displayed or disseminated in the congressional district of the congressional candidate for that district or state candidate by the principal campaign committee of the candidate.”

If you don’t believe that this is needed, please watch “The Swamp” in full, at least the first four episodes.   After your anger starts to simmer, contact these very brave great american Representatives and seek their help in making this amendment happen – or we lose this country.

Brat, Dave Virginia 7th R 1628 LHOB (202) 225-2815
Buck, Ken Colorado 4th R 1130 LHOB (202) 225-4676
Blum, Rod Iowa 1st R 1108 LHOB (202) 225-2911
Garrett, Thomas Virginia 5th R 415 CHOB (202) 225-4711

Think about this solution.  The power is placed in the hands of registered voters, people who care about this nation.  The congressman or senator now will have to care very much about what his or her constituents feel about their votes and their performance.  They can’t get support anywhere else, no lobbyists, no PAC’s in the last ninety days of the election.  They will no longer pay for committee assignments.  

If you sit on your hands, nothing will change except that the Swamp will grow and destroy this nation.  Please share this post and act on it.