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  • Second Quarter economy grew at 4.1% Gross Domestic Product
  • Heading to the highest average annual growth rate in over 13 years
  • Looks like the numbers will get even better based on upcoming trade deals
  • Over the last two administrations, 16 years, we averaged only a bit better than 1.8% GDP
  • On track to hit annual GDP growth of over 3%
  • Each point of GDP means approximately $3 Trillion  or 10,000,000+ jobs
  • Our historical disastrous trade deficit has dropped by more than $50 Billion
  • On the horizon, with this growth, is 12 million new american jobs and $10 Trillion of new american wealth
  • Private business investment went from 1.8% to more than 6.3%, currently growing at 9.4%
  • The above numbers are considered sustainable
  • High paying manufacturing jobs are growing
  • 3.7 million new jobs have been added
  • We are currently in the longest positive job growth streak in history
  • Unemployment claims have reach their lowest level in 50 years
  • African American unemployment has reached the lowest level in recorded history
  • Hispanic unemployment has reached the lowest level in recorded history
  • Asian unemployment level has reached the lowest level in recorded history
  • Women unemployment has reached the lowest level in 65 years
  • Veteran unemployment has reach its lowest level in 18 years
  • Disabled Americans unemployment has reached its lowest level in recorded history

  • 3.5 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps
  • 95% of American manufacturers are optimistic about their company’s outlook – highest level in recorded history
  • Manufacturing wages are expected to rise a the fastest rate in over 17 years
  • Consumer confidence is at historic highs
  • American exports are up nearly 20% over the same period before Trump took office
  • We are now a net exporter of natural gas for the first time since 1957
  • Under Trump U.S. passed the biggest tax reform in our history – not one democrat voted for the tax cuts.
  • U.S. steel industry is back
  • Individual health insurance mandate is gone
  • North Korea is returning remains of Korean War U.S. military
  • North Korea is dismantling rocket launch pads
Folks we democrats simply can’t allow this prosperity to continue – we must dump Trump.  We must elect democrats to the Congress to impeach Trump.  Mueller must find something on Trump. Trump is destroying our socialist lackluster, even anemic economies of our last two presidents – 16 years.
Democrats want to, need to raise taxes and stop this economic growth madness. We democrats must vote to return this nation to the economic doldrums with high taxes and few good jobs.  We have to open the borders to allow illegal aliens to sample all the giveaways your taxes can afford.
Now for reality:
Democrats now want socialism: collective or governmental ownership, administration, and/or control of the means of ownership, production and distribution of goods and/or services where there can be little or no private property and little individual private decision making/choice.
Of course they don’t want opportunity, economic growth, good jobs, low taxes, and freedom to choose like we are currently experiencing, they must choose socialism with no understanding of how to pay for free everything.
If you did not know, Socialism is between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to amount and/or quality of work done.
The world offers many different degrees of socialism, but most degrees above minimum tend to historically fail.  If you like exercising your initiative to achieve a better life, socialism may not be for you.  One form of socialism allows a few who have worked to achieve, to support the wants of those who have not as yet achieved.  Our form of government is intended to offer equal opportunity (still working on this), but not equal outcome.
As the author, I don’t care about Donald Trump’s sex life or his brashness – history tells us he is not a racist, even though he is purported to be, in an effort  to turn us against him. 
Just the fact that he is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is good enough for me.  Remember, a strong national defense depends on a strong economy.  Trade with the European Union looks to be on the upswing with realistic tariffs and China’s economy cannot stand a prolong trade war with the U.S. – we will win here as well.

If you are tired of winning then by all means get rid of Donald Trump, but if you want to keep winning make sure that you get out and vote for Republicans for Congress in November, yes, even you democrats.  Trump needs the support, we don’t need a tax increase – there is more good he will do with a Republican Congress.