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You have been a lifelong democrat, your parents were democrats.  You are a blue collar hard working middle class upright individual.  The Democratic Party has watched your back for years.  They supported your union and your union supported them.  There were all about the working man.

Have you looked at them closely of late?  Can you really continue to believe that they are staunchly in support of the working man?  Let’s talk what today’s Democratic Party says they stand for:

… here s their condensed version of what you’ll find on the (Democratic Party) platform page:

  • Raising wages, closing the wealth gap, strengthening Social Security
    • The Democratic Party has been fighting hard to bring in as many illegal aliens who will work for less and who undermine your ability to make more money.
  • Lowering health care costs; ensuring all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care; stabilizing Medicare and Medicaid
    • The Democratic Party passed the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care).  They succeeded in raising health care premiums in general by 25% and in some cases up 131% over the last ten years .





  • Sensible immigration reform that keeps America’s promise
    • Is striving for open borders and unlimited uncontrolled illegal immigration, allowing MS-13 in, allowing an uncontrolled flow of dangerous drugs to enter this country, establishing sanctuary cities and states to protect criminal illegal aliens the reform they are seeking.  Democrats in the House of representatives recently refused to vote to allow those considered DACA to receive amnesty.  Yes the GOP offered such a deal.
  • Defending our borders, our ideals, and our institutions
    • Is fighting the border wall at every turn defending our borders? 
  • Supporting our veterans and military families
    • Under Obama the Democratic Party systematically starved our military of budget, preventing pay increases for our military families.
  • Fixing our criminal justice system to eliminate systemic racism
    • Is supporting “Black Lives Matter” a fix to our criminal justice system.  Yes there are problems with our sentencing system and President Trump wants to clean that up.
  • Guaranteeing rights for minorities, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ community, and all Americans
    • So what have they done to guarantee these rights – listen, it is the sound of crickets.  Remember they had Obama and a democratic congress for much of the time during his administration
  • Acting to advance women’s rights, protect access to reproductive care, fight for equal pay, stop violence against women, and elect more women to public office.
    • The big focus was and is on supporting the abortion culture and with little effort to support motherhood, and working mothers.
  • Protecting and promoting every American’s fundamental right to vote
    • Their definition of American includes non-citizens, illegal aliens – Example: California as of April 1st is allowing any person with a drivers license to vote in state and federal elections.  They have fought hard to prevent proof of citizenship at the polls.
  • Advancing clean energy and climate change action
    • We now know that none of the climate changes threats said to occur by now, have occurred.  None of it has been realized.
  • Common-sense gun reforms
    • Democrats focus on wanting to restrict the rights of honest law abiding citizens, instead of practical solutions.  Passing laws does not stop criminals and mentally disturbed people from using guns.  Many see gun free zones as a perfect place to shoot it up, because no one will shoot back.  Millions of law abiding citizens exercise their rights at gun ranges and do not shoot each other up.  Many of those in Congress shouting for gun reform cannot tell you what AR-15 stands for.  Most say it stands for assault rifle,  The military would never use an AR-15 for any kind of assault.  It stands for Armalite Rifle – the manufacturer.  We can secure our children from the risk of school shootings with better security at the schools.  Democrats wanting to making schools a gun free zone is a bad joke.
  • Smarter infrastructure investments
    • Is the California Democratic legislature spending billions on a high speed train that leaves from nowhere going to nowhere a sound infrastructure investment?.
  • Advancing access to liberty and equality for all
    • Please tell me how they are doing this when their focus is on allowing illegal immigration.
  • Investing in modern education and jobs programs that prepare our kids for tomorrow’s challenges
    • Under the democrats student loan balances have skyrocketed.  Teachers unions have essentially sucked all the money for the class rooms.  The democrats are more concerned about the teachers than the students.

Let’s face it. Today’s Democratic Party has clearly morphed into an open borders socialist organization – look at the pedigree of their leadership -a collection of socialists.  The days of the blue collar working man or women being backed and defended by the Democratic Party have come and gone.  The Democratic Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, has openly said that she wants to raise your taxes and that Donald Trumps tax plan is providing mere crumbs.  The man is literally trying to make america great again, and they are fighting him at every turn.  He has tried to compromise, include them into talks, and negotiate – they will have none of it.

You may want to rethink your party allegiance.  Unless you are an illegal immigrant or an avowed socialist, you may no longer fit in to the Democrat Party.  If you can’t be a Republican, make your self an independent.