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Federal Judge rules proof citizenship not required to vote! 

Democrats clearly want open borders!


California awards voting registration to anyone with a drivers license!


Federal Election Assistance Commission requires ONLY proof of residence (telephone bill) to register to vote in a federal election!


National Popular Vote Compact strips states of their electoral vote!


Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Business Round-table and the Koch brothers, wants no wall, DACA citizenship, and a reduction in the Border Patrol!

There is a plan by the now socialist left to radically change this country and the plan is not only devious, it is flying under the conservative radar. The plan consists of a number of pieces that on the surface do not appear to be part of a diabolical plan to circumvent the Constitution and the republican form of government that we enjoy.

The goal is to take away control of this fine nation from its citizens by diluting the control of citizens and creating election chaos allowing the few in the deep state to take charge.  This is a very slow moving coup!  The Democratic party and some members of the Republican party are embracing government by the chosen few.  The One World Government movement needs to eliminate the United States and its Constitution as a major impediment to One World Government.  Open borders is the trigger to this elimination.

The Plans:

  • The federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC) which controls federal voter registration documents and rules has now ruled that anyone registering to vote in a federal election need not show proof of citizenship.  They must show proof of residence such as a telephone bill.
  • The National Popular Vote Compact (NPV) seems like a logical progression in a democracy; however, it is designed to tip all future presidential elections to the popular vote driven by a few very progressive states – California being one of them.
  • The sudden push for open borders by the democratic leadership in Congress – they now appear to be democratic socialists – the left controlled court system, the media, and factions of the Republican Party influenced by the big money control interests,

You see, packing certain states with a flood of illegal aliens who will be allowed to vote in federal elections either by state* mandate or by lax federal election rules (EAC) will increase the 2020 census population of these states providing these states more electoral votes and voter population for popular vote so that the NPV compact will allow this new influx of illegals inflating the census population and the voting rolls to move the proverbial needle on elections. *California just started allowing anyone with a California drivers license to vote in that state.

What does all this mean?  It means that seemingly unrelated events are all designed to turn this republic into a socialist state managed by a handful of people.  The membership of the Business Round-table and the United States Chamber of Commerce want cheap labor from illegal aliens, while the democratic socialists want medicare for all, free college, and heavy social assistance to all except the middle class and wealthy individuals footing the bill.

We absolutely must have a Convention of States to amend the Constitution to require only U.S. Citizens to vote with proof of citizenship and identity upon registration and proof of identity at the polls or we will lose this great nation.  Convention of States Facebook page Convention of states web site

Perhaps this will require Donald Trump to form a new party – Democratic-Republicans, made up of Trump followers from both existing Democrat and Republican parties.  Unless we fight to Keep America Great, support Donald Trump, and citizens retaining control over the election process, we are doomed to socialism.  The democrats seem to have already morphed into a new party: Democratic-Socialists – note the recent New York Congressional primary winner is a socialist bar tender.

It is time for the Trump supporters in the Republican Party to join with the now disenfranchised blue collar democrats no longer represented by the Democratic Party.  It is time for Trump supporting independents to pick a side or have no side to pick going forward.