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            The "Deep State" steals the Republic, bypasses the Constitution, and the coup is complete. This is what we are facing today. It is here, right now, on our doorstep.  This is the <strong>"<a href="">Hydra</a>"</strong> of classical mythology and Donald Trump is not Hercules, decapitating the multiheaded monster. The fix was in and the deep state wanted Hillary Clinton because she would be a titular president, operating in deference to the <strong><a href="">deep state</a></strong>. The American voter double-crossed the deep state and it just grew another head.

HYDRA – Classical Mythology: a water or marsh serpent with nine heads, each of which, if cut off, grew back as two; Hercules killed this serpent by cauterizing the necks as he cut off the heads.

Elements of the hydra have now instituted a legal process designed to remove Donald Trump or any president who opposes the deep state.The collusion by top people in Justice, FBI, CIA, NSA, and certain members of Congress has artificially concocted an investigation of the President, in search of anything they can use to impeach him.  Find nothing, then use every means to trip him up.  They are setting the stage for a traditional change over of the House of Representatives in the mid-term election.  Once the House leadership changes hands, the hydra will serve up Donald Trump with obstruction charges developed through the investigation.  The real issue is that this will be obstruction of a non-crime investigation – it need not be legitimate, and the mainstream media is just another hydra head.  The mainstream media will be the amplifier, the loud base drum, beating the impeachment beat.

The real scare here is that this can and will be done to ANY president, going forward, who will not allow him or herself to be only titular.  The hydra of the deep state has now taken over our government, and it will stay in control, unelected, for the future.  We will not know who is pulling the strings, directing the ship of state.  Yes, we will continue to go through the motions of having a presidential election and swearing in the new “leader”, who may not be the leader of this nation. Rather the cabal behind the hydra will be running this nation. “Make America Great” will now be the last item on the agenda.  The hydra is now set up to have us consume ourselves from the inside out.

Hydra will embrace the National Popular Vote to eliminate the individual states as a keystone of our faded Republic, hydra will use open borders to muddy our citizenry, thus the good people of this nation will no longer have a say in our future.  The Constitution will still exist, but there will be no consequences for the hydra operatives ignoring it.  The new two-tier justice system will protect members of Hydra while punishing any and all who fight back.  If we are unfortunate and Donald Trump does not become Hercules beheading the many heads of the hydra, not allowing the heads to grow back, we will have lost this nation for good.

Wake up and recognize that our Justice Department is and has been investigating where no crime exists, The “acting” head of the Justice Department, Rosenstein, is now challenging the Constitutional role of Congress in oversight of the Justice Department – the hydra media is silent.  The defrocked head of the FBI is now making the rounds with fairytale explanations and definitions of what he has done.  A complicit mainstream media is not holding Rosenstein or Comey to necessarily deserved scrutiny.  I wish there was a happy ending to this essay, but the hydra is winning and taking control.

The one thing we can do to help Donald Trump crush the hydra is to send a boatload of fist-pumping, conservative, Trump supporting Congressional Representatives to Washington, and a decisive conservative Senate majority back to Capitol Hill in the mid-terms!