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            Dear Mr. President:

I am surprised that you have two members of your Executive Branch openly and unconstitutionally challenging the Legislative Branch oversight role by withholding subpoenaed documents from their purview.  While the Constitution does not overtly provide the Congress with oversight over the Executive Branch, the power to make law, withhold funds for the Executive Branch, override vetos, and establish the various cabinet posts, departments, and agencies surely provides adequate Constitutional power for the Congress to execute oversight.

The actions of members of your Executive Branch behoove you to admonish, Mr. Wray, FBI, and Mr. Rosenstein, Justice; and instruct them by public memorandum that they have exceeded their authority in withholding the requested information from Congressional Committees.  Failure to provide a proper and timely complete answer to a subpoena should be grounds for dismissal. You might remind them of this in the memorandum.

The following is an example of a memorandum that you might consider sending to Messers Wray and Rosenstein.

Christopher Wray, FBI

Rod Rosenstein, Justice


Christopher Wray, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Rod Rosenstein, Assistant Attorney General


At any time when the Committees holding responsibility for Congressional oversight over the Justice Department, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, will seek information, documents, emails, or texts messages from you, with respect to the actions or decisions made by members of your organization, under the authority of Congressional Oversight by subpoena,  you will either immediately comply or immediately seek clarification of authority by the Judicial Branch.  At present, a subpoena(s) has (have) been served upon your organization and you have not immediately sought clarification from the Judicial Branch, nor have you complied with the subpoenas.


Immediately comply in full within three days of this memorandum’s delivery to you, or face immediate dismissal from your positions.  Your department’s / bureau’s actions to date are challenging the Legislative Branch, and any challenge of the Legislative Branch is reserved to the head of the Executive Branch, not by anyone in your capacity as appointed, unelected members of the Executive Branch.


Mr. President you simply cannot allow any member of your Executive Branch to usurp the Constitutional authority of Congress.

Kenneth F. Moyes, Citizen