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Henchman for the Deep State Elites - Wants Trump and None of the Bad Actors

It is really simple.  President Trump has been hounded by Special Prosecutor Mueller for over a year.  While the prosecutor has been in search of a non-crime, collusion, he has brought charges on unrelated matters for minor offenses to people who at one time served in the Trump campaign.

It is a case of Mr. Mueller having a very narrowly targeted approach while spending millions of our money, with a very wide mandate.  Yet all the while, Mr. Mueller has seen no evil and heard no evil from anyone but a few minor players.

Since the Presidential campaign, there have been a plethora of obvious and not so obvious crimes surrounding the Clinton campaign, Clinton tenure at the State Department, perjury by those testifying to Congress, destruction of evidence, exposure of classified material, and members of the Obama administration lying to and misleading Congress.  Falsifying FISA requests to spy on U.S. citizens by the FBI and Justice and finally a cabal at the Justice Department and FBI round out the malfeasance.  This was all done to prevent Donald Trump and now President Trump from first getting elected and now to get him ousted all through illegitimate means.

The Attorney General has not adequately addressed any of the cadre of likely crimes except for appointing a U.S. District Attorney out of Utah to work with the Justice Department Inspector General – way too little and way too late.

The Democrats and many Republicans are just waiting and hoping President Trump will fire Mr. Mueller so they can tell the world that he obstructed justice and should be impeached.  Should the Democrats take back the House of Representatives in the mid-term election, you can then count on impeachment.

I said it was simple.  The solution is that he should not fire Mr. Mueller, instead Donald Trump should relieve him of his duties and replace him with another special prosecutor, one whom President Trump has told to look into all the above crimes and especially look for crimes from lying under oath to ignoring Congressional subpoenas, to destruction of evidence and selling favors for cash, as may be the case in the Uranium One deal.  He should relieve Mr. Mueller for failure to do his job.

By replacing Mr. Mueller with a prosecutor who has a mandate to scour the Executive Branch for past misdeeds and especially to clean up what has become a rogue Justice Department inclusive of the FBI, President Trump will be obstructing nothing.  Seeking national TV time by hinting of a major national security speech.  He states/announces to the nation that he is cleaning out the problem people in his Executive Branch.  This will likely set the Democrats and some Republicans back on their heels.  It will be a devasting blow to the deep state, confound the mainstream media, and get justice for the American people.  His announcement includes this statement.  I am ending the two-tier justice system of the political elites.  There can be no impeachment because he is obstructing nothing.