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            <h5><strong>TERM LIMITS ARE NOT THE WHOLE SOLUTION!</strong></h5>

We complain about “the establishment” – Why?  This establishment effectively overrides the will and the best interests of the people in the international trade, our economy, jobs, taxes, and a host of other legislation often not in the best interest of the nation.  How did these globalist multi-millionaires and billionaires gain so much power to utilize our elected Congressional politicians as puppets?  It is all about the money.

Money and Congress like peanut butter and jelly.

Money is the ultimate power in Washington, D.C.  Names like Tom Steyer, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Charles and David Koch, Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess, Paul Singer, Robert Mercer, Michael Bloomberg, Jon Stryker, Warren Stephens,  David Bonderman, Kenneth Griffin, Sean Parker, Marc Benioff, B. Wayne Hughes, Richard DeVos, among others and an additional host of hedge fund billionaires influencing the direction of this nation.  The over the top influence of these money people make the need to address money as the primary cure for this establishment acting as unelected legislators.  It is not term limits as most people think.  Yes, imposing term limits will have some impact on the expansion of individual personal wealth and political power-building by Congressman and Senators.  However, it simply will not solve the overall problem.  Redirecting our elected representatives to once again represent the people and not the special interests is the ultimate goal.

Special interest groups and lobbyists utilize campaign money as the ultimate political aphrodisiac. Unfortunately, too many of our Congressman and Senators are bought.  Mix term limits with the growth of personal power, via continued reelection, and the ability to add wealth to their campaigns for reelection by serving the various uber-wealthy individuals seeking not favors, but control, and we have the “establishment”.  The real definition of the establishment, in a political sense, is the use of money to achieve personal goals, whether they are in the national interest or not.  Monied individuals have taken control of our country.

‘Is it just me or does anyone else smell money?’

The solution is to remove big unfettered money people from the election and reelection of Congressman and Senators.  Add term limits if you wish to balance the power in the House and Senate among all those elected.  Keep in mind that powerful committee chairmanships are achieved with seniority and by contributing money to the political coffers (Political Action Committee – PAC) of the Speaker and the Majority Leader in the Senate.  Breaking the seniority stranglehold and the role of PAC money in each house of government will provide overall balance to the members of the House and the Senate.  Allowing competence to emerge in committee chairmanships, simply can’t hurt!

How do we control the money?  Well, legislation controlling money would violate the First Amendment and you would never get this legislation through Congress, even if it did not violate the First Amendment.  What we need are constitutional amendments introduced at a Convention of States convention for proposing amendments and ratified by thirty-eight states.  This is the only way to bypass the first amendment in an effort to control the money.

What would this amendment look like?  It would need to put the people back in charge.  Perhaps it could look something like this:

Money or contributions of a value of any kind may only be contributed to the Federal Election Commission recognized campaign committees by registered voters of the congressional candidate’s serving jurisdiction.  For a Senator, the state represented is the serving jurisdiction he or she will represent and for House of Representative candidates, the congressional district they will represent.  Failure of the candidate to adequately police the contributions, if elected, will result in forfeiture of the election and removal of office.


Political action committees, non-official candidate fund-raising committees, individuals, or groups banded together to provide advertising support for a candidate of any kind, by providing independent political election support in the form of public relations or advertising for any congressional candidate, House or Senate, shall not occur and, is prohibited, within ninety days of the first ballot that can be cast by mail or in person, in a congressional House or Senate primary or general election. This includes coordinated or not coordinated campaigns with any candidate. A Senate or House candidate directly campaigning or directly promoting or advertising their candidacy using funds from their official Federal Election Committee recognized campaign is not prohibited from this effort.


Candidates self-funding and directly campaigning or directly promoting or advertising their candidacy are not restricted by this amendment.

An additional amendment is needed about term limits and recalls.  It might look something like this:

Upon completion of two years of a U.S. Senator’s elected term, the elected Senator is subject to recall and removal from office, for the remainder of the Senator’s term by a majority vote of each house of the Senator’s respective state legislature.  A replacement Senator shall be selected in the manner prescribed in Article XVII (Seventeen) of this Constitution. The recalled Senator is not eligible for the Senate until the recalled Senator’s original term has expired.

Commencing with the first general election following ratification of this amendment no person shall be elected to the office of Congressional Representative more than three times and no person shall be elected to the office of United States Senator more than twice.  Prior service in Congress before the ratification of this amendment shall not be considered.

Commencing with the ratification of this amendment, Justices of the United States Supreme Court, and all other appointed federal judges, shall serve no more than twenty years or until their seventy-fifth birthday, whichever comes first.  This amendment applies equally to new and currently serving Supreme Court Justices and appointed federal judges.

Remember, this Republic was established with a people’s house (House of Representatives) and a house representing the states (The Senate), where the Senate representation was subsequently changed by the seventeenth amendment.  This paved the way for the establishment takeover, seniority, and career politicians.  Getting rid of the money will be the most direct fix of the runaway Congress.