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            <img class="alignright wp-image-8986" src="" alt="" width="419" height="419" />It seems that whenever there is a controversial topic a group of Hollywood Actors, Night Show Hosts, and Hacks come out to tell us simple-minded Americans how we should think, feel, or vote on an issue.

These liberals and actors or actresses that come into our homes on television shows or movies think that we really care what they have to say.  Many of these actors have achieved a certain level of success but I’m not clear on what makes them the voice of America in sharing their thoughts.  They haven’t run for office, they don’t have degrees in Political Science and most are not engaged and active business owners.

I understand and respect that everyone has opinions they share with friends and family about topics that impact the country, our lives, and our jobs. The point is, these Hollywood folks live in a different world from most of us, where Forbes said:  only 37% of Americans have enough savings to pay for a $500 or $1,000 emergency. The rest of the country is struggling and living paycheck to paycheck so we don’t feel a strong connection to Johnny Depp, Whoopi Goldberg, or Morgan Freeman.

Here’s what Hollywood is whining about: 

  • Open the floodgates to illegal immigrants. They say we should have liberal immigration policies and there is no need to “build a wall but they drive home to their gated communities or estates behind large, secure walls with high-tech security and bodyguards.
  • It’s okay to demean and mock the President.  Kathy Griffin holds up a “severed head” of Donald Trump to show her disgust for our President. When everyone comes out and says it’s in bad taste, she loses her job at CNN, bookstores cancel her book signings, and former friends and colleagues distance themselves from her. Clearly, the Secret Service didn’t think that beheading the President is a joke. Then she turns around and says that Donald Trump has ruined her career.  
  • Don’t be a racist or Islamaphobic.  When the President wants to protect us from foreign countries that have no rules or process to vet their own citizens and keep known terrorist threats out of our country, the Hollywood community calls normal Americans fearful racists for not being more welcoming and sympathetic.
  • Do as we say, NOT as we Do!  They produce movies highlighting the “little guy” and address issues of inequities, speak to maintaining integrity, and doing the right thing, and working hard to achieve your goals.  When it comes to real life their hypocrisy shines brightly. They do just the opposite of their movie heroes.  They think it’s okay to bully your peers, pay women less than men, don’t take marriage vows seriously, and blame others for their issues.
  • OH WOE IS ME.   Jimmy Kimmel recently railed about changes to the proposed revamping of our healthcare law and said his son, born with a birth defect would be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition under new guidelines. He got sympathy from all the liberals despite the fact, Kimmel has a net worth of $38.4 million dollars and can afford any medical procedure needed.  He made it sound as if the government was going to let his son die.

Hey Hollywood, It’s Time to Step Up

In Hollywood’s own backyard, Los Angeles has 17.8% of their population living below the poverty level. Over 1 million people are considered poor in the county.  It seems to me that with all the wealth from the studio executives, stars, producers, writers, etc. they could develop some initiatives to make a big dent in those numbers.

Here are a few things Hollywood can do to show they care about our country:  

  • Step up and offer to financially support newly admitted immigrants for their first 5 years in our country, so they aren’t a drain on our government entitlement programs?
  • Offer to donate 5, 10 or 15% of your after-tax income to rebuild schools, obtain new books, equipment, and technology for schools with low graduation rates.
  • Show up and demand that college campuses allow conservative speakers to share their opinions with anyone willing to listen to them, and offer to appear at the event to share a different point of view.
  • Condemn any groups that resort to violence and prohibit speakers to share their perspective on various issues.
  • Commit to develop more internship programs for minorities and immigrants in all aspects of TV and Movie development and production.
  • Show some respect for the person holding the office of President of the United States and look more at his actions, accomplishments, and goals rather than his tweets.

If Hollywood isn’t willing to do some of these things, then it’s clear they are not committed to really helping improve America. 

If you are confused about what’s right or wrong, what’s legal or not;  just listen to what Hollywood types say, and then do or believe the opposite.