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            <img class=" wp-image-8910 aligncenter" src="" alt="" width="554" height="314" /> Fake News headlines by the Washington Post: “<strong>As Trump ranted and rambled in Phoenix, his crowd slowly thinned</strong>”.  <strong>Not so, I was there! </strong> A misleading Bing search of Trump Phoenix crowd size returned this entity as the top response.  The blog is called "Death and Taxes" blog.  The headline read "Trump to mostly empty Phoenix convention center: 'What a crowd'."  This kind of reporting is simply incredible in your face totally made up fake news - a lie!

HERE IS WHY! The turn out on very short notice, on a weekday, in 107-degree heat by the supporters was incredibly large.  The crowd for the protesters was relatively small.  Many came with black helmets, like the ones Antifa wears – were they Antifa – don’t know. The Trump crowd, despite incredible heat and a poorly organized event by the locals in charge, was friendly, in high spirits, and not afraid to drown out the pre-rally protestors chants with USA, USA, etc. There were two lines to enter the event: the VIP entrance, not really VIP’s, but acknowledged supporters, and the main line for those with tickets.

I arrived by light rail, having used a park and ride two stops away – it was absolutely painless.  Being a VIP, in name only, I sat high up behind the President in the packed bleachers. My seat gave me an outstanding vantage point to watch the crowd.

Reports of many people leaving the venue early are simply FALSE and fake news.  The energized supporters were standing shoulder to shoulder in a packed hall.  How many were there?  Well, the convention center says this exhibit hall has 190,000 sq ft.  Since it was divided in two; converting to square meters, and using the one square meter per standing person, we get 8,825 sq. meters on the event half of the floor space. Conservatively the event had about 8,000 in attendance to see and hear President Trump.  This is a layman’s conservative estimate and can be easily disputed in favor of a larger turnout.

Watch the video below.

At no time did I fear problems from the protesters, who were heavily outnumbered by the supporters.  Upon leaving I did have to detour one block to get to the light rail because the protesters were hunkered down in one corner of the street that I would have used. I did engage in some dialogue with a few of the non-violent protestors who left when I did (we shared the same light rail), and I realized that these are heavily ill-informed people. Phoenix police were aces in my book!  They kept the violent protesters bottled up and away from the supporters.  The serious melee did not start until after the crowd had mostly disbursed.

Upon leaving, heading toward the light rail, I passed a cadre of mounted police and sheriff’s deputies getting ready to break up the small core of violent protesters. To sum it up, the media has focused on the protesters, while the numbers of protesters were insignificant compared to the throngs of peaceful, enthusiastic, unwavering supporters.

The media has panned Trump’s speech for saving his tax cuts and border wall plans till the end.  Well, the Supporters did not think so, judging by the enthusiasm in the venue – enthusiasm for the entire speech was off the charts.  Despite not having access to water and standing for hours in a tightly packed hall, there was no early exodus.  It was not until Trump’s winding down wrap-up comments that the crowd started to leave.

The video in this post is mine, I took it, and I took it at the end just before wrap-up.  It proves that these people came to listen, cheer, support, and stay till the very end.

I don’t know if any media will show this scene, but there were no media where I was sitting, and I had the best vantage point in the hall. It is abundantly clear that President Trump has a host of solid, unswerving, dedicated Supporters in his base.

Clearly, reports of Trump’s demise are premature!  These Trump “Drain the Swamp” Supporters are going nowhere and will be there for Donald Trump in 2020.