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  Step right up and vote.  You are not a citizen? It's not a problem, just register for and vote a federal only ballot, and you too can vote for President, Senators, and Representatives in Congress.EAC Logo So you thought only citizens can vote - shame on you.  Don't blame the Democrats in Congress, as this was signed into law by George W. Bush. I will bet that you did not know that our Congress created the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) which has ruled that states may NOT ask for proof of citizenship when a federal only ballot is sought. Registering to vote with a federal registration form by mail allows the registered voter to vote and never to have to prove citizenship.  This is the work of our federal government.  The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed a 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the federal government and the EAC under our Constitution may make these rules as long as it is derived from an act of Congress. Activists seeking to swell the registered voter lists are using the federal registration as a means of expanding the voter roles with non-citizens.  This is apparently the plan behind the National Popular Vote. Believe it or not, the EAC has four commissioners with only three serving.  The commissioners must be from different parties - no more than two can be from any one party.    They serve for four-year terms and can serve up to two terms. If you thought that our voter registration system and thus our federal elections were secure, think again.  All the non-citizen needs is a utility bill or register via the motor voter laws.