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Schumer has said Democrats will promise “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future” yet they saddled us with Obamacare and hundreds of additional job killing regulations.  They have slowed the economy with eight years of legislation that can take the life out of any economic growth.  They handed us an anemic gross domestic product, job loss, and low wage growth.

Senator Schumer actually said “In the past, we were too cautious; we were too namby-pamby. This is sharp and bold…”  Isn’t this what Donald Trump has been trying to accomplish?  Aren’t they standing in his way?

Let’s get this straight – they killed our economy and our health care over eight years, providing a worse way and now they tell us we deserve a “Better Way”.  You mean, better than the train wreck they have turned this country into.

Schumer provided some insight into a “A Better Deal,” which would include:

  • a $15 per hour minimum wage, which has already proven to be a job killer where it has been enacted
  • a sweeping child care proposal – isn’t that what Ivanka Trump is working on
  • a $1 trillion infrastructure package – didn’t they do this eight years ago by adding to our debt with little to show for it?  Hasn’t Trump already offered this as part of his plan.  Apparently, he intends to do it right with little pork.

Schumer apparently wants to go after drug companies on price hikes. He wants to go after corporate consolidation and market concentration – doesn’t he know that drug prices need less regulation to drop.  The market consolidation is the byproduct of oppressive democrat initiatives of the last eight years.

As a party they have eradicated the community banks, made mortgages tough to get thus strangling home building and the production of all sorts of materials sh a new home, and stifled small businesses with Obamacare and regulation.  Small business is the lifeblood of good new job growth.

The big reveal he says is that the Democratic Party will not be the party of the past, but aren’t these the same people who are blocking Donald Trump’s effort to deliver a “Better Way” today.

He has also promised to go after the wealthy who try to influence elections, but these folks are now the wealthy democrats such as Bezos of Amazon and the Washington Post, the fraternity from Google and Facebook among others like Tom Steyer the hedge fund guy out of Silicon Valley.  He would dictate democratic direction by providing or withholding enormous campaign election funds.

Be careful, these folks think we have a short memory and that we do not remember that we have endured the Democratic Party’s lack of economic knowhow for the last eight years.  Their marketing of themselves is a sign that they have no clue.  Snake oil marketing would have more believability.

The Democratic Party is so out of touch with what this nation needs and the causes of that need at their hand; that this new approach is laughable.

I ask that you share this, because those who are not paying close attention need to know.