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            <h4>Seth Rich, apparently a "Bernie": supporter and an employee of the DNC, is reported to have been the DNC hacker, not Russia, who delivered the damaging emails to Wikileaks.  He apparently died, was murdered, for his effort.  The incredible smoke is leading to the fire!</h4>

Remember, the DNC never allowed the FBI to examine its server.  Instead they parlayed a private for hire firm to denounce the Russians as the hacker, despite Wikileaks stating it was not the Russians.   Let’s not forget that the media ran with the Russians story despite the contrary report of the holder of these hacked emails, Wikileaks.

Let’s understand that there are a number of mysterious murders/deaths seemingly attached to the DNC and this email hack scandal.  The hack made undisputed emails, detrimental to the DNC and Hillary Clinton, available to the public.

4 DNC murders

This report focuses only on Seth Rich!

The media is so intent on connecting the Russians to President Trump, that it glosses over the “not denied” incredibly damaging corruption content of the hacked emails.   Back to Seth Rich and his murder.  Rather than me providing a report, I bring you the “One America News” latest report.

If you are an open-minded  thinking person, this report will stun.  It provides such a mass of circumstantial evidence that warrants heavy scrutiny of the D.C. Police, the Emergency Room, and the DNC.  It enlightens to the extent the DNC did and will go to take and hold power, and control our federal government.

One America News is a fast rising, very credible news source, concentrating on delivering real news and facts.  As Fox news moves more and more to the left and the fringe of “Fake News” world.  OAN, “One America News”, is filling the void.

Now the stunning very credible report called “The Mysterious Death Of Seth Rich”.