<h3><strong>Guest blog by Kelly Phyllis:</strong></h3>


The Falcons lost the Superbowl. It’s the Russians’ fault! Heather Morris got kicked off of Dancing With The Stars even though she got a perfect score. The Russians are responsible! La La Land didn’t win the Oscar.  The Russians interfered! Hillary lost the election. Damn those Russians!

What do all of the above statements have in common? They are all totally absurd.  As is the claim that Russia interfered in the November 2016 Presidential Election.  The evidence just isn’t there.  While the left-wing media pounds the narrative that the Russians colluded with Trump and interfered in our election into the minds of their uninformed viewers, the right-wing media complains about the Dems and Liberals harping on their conspiracy theories and thwarting President Trump’s agenda in every way. But no one addresses the most obvious arguments against the theory that the Russian’s interfered in our election.


There is no evidence to support the theory that Russia interfered in the Presidential Election in any way other than influencing voters through their alleged hacking of the DNC’s emails and their subsequent posting on Wikileaks.  They did not tamper with any voting machines.  They did not assist in voter fraud (the Dems have that covered).  They did not somehow alter paper ballots.  They did not somehow alter the vote counts in any state.

Let’s suppose for a moment that they were indeed responsible for hacking the DNC emails and sharing that information with the world. So what? Isn’t disseminating information, whether it is through Wikileaks or the media, considered to be an influence on the election? And what about the fact that there would be absolutely no ability to sway the election in Trump’s favor if there was no incriminating information found in the emails that were hacked.  They could hack the DNC’s emails all day long.  If there is no information in those emails damning to the candidate, then it is a moot point. No influence.  However, there was damning information contained in those emails. Proof of the Dems colluding against Bernie Sanders. Proof that the DNC thought the voting public was just plain stupid.  Proof that the DNC used less than honorable tactics to support and promote their candidate. Proof that Hillary Clinton is a lying, devious, untrustworthy individual who doesn’t believe there should be any consequences to her actions.  The Dems and Hillary Clinton have not, even once, defended or denied the information contained in those emails. But no one ever mentions that! Frustration is thy name!


Oh wait, that was Obama and all his lefty friends.

The media did everything they could to tarnish Trump’s reputation and character before the election. The tape of him making derogatory remarks about women.  The fact that he wouldn’t release his taxes which, of course, meant he had something nefarious to hide.  Claims that he was a bigot, anti-Semite, and racist.  Fake news. Clearly the media worked overtime to influence the election.  Why is there no investigation into the media’s interference in the election? I’m sure that would be a much more fruitful search and a better use of my tax dollars rather than to continue to investigate Russia’s interference in the election in the hopes that some shred of evidence in favor of that theory is eventually found. Is that how our investigative agencies work now?  They investigate and investigate until they find evidence to support the conclusion they already came to long before the investigation even began? It is simply ridiculous.


Instead of protecting the safety and promoting the interests of their constituents, members of Congress continue to beat the dead horse of the “Russia/Trump conspiracy”, which is entirely a figment of their imaginations. In my mind, these yahoos are the true villains in this tale. Not Russia.