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            <h4>Yes, there is a talked about grand prize.  The winner of this grand prize will be able to radically alter what has been our free democratic republic or retain and strengthen our somewhat abused free democratic constitutional republic.  A republic designed to protect the people from its government.</h4>

The grand prize will either save the greatest experiment in government by the people, and for the people or terminate it in favor of government by the globalist billionaires and multinational corporations, adding to the power and the wealth in the hands of a few establishment globalists relegating the populace to be useful idiots.

What is the grand prize, you ask?  It is the third branch of government that steers the direction of the Congress and the Executive Branch.  It is the Judiciary led by the United States Supreme Court.

Scotus 1

Supreme Court Justices including deceased Justice Scalia

How is this the grand prize?

The Court regularly hears challenges to laws and actions of the other two branches.  It’s interpretation of the meaning of the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, literally steers the political, economic, and the social direction of this nation.

Today, the court has nine seats, with eight filled due to the death of Justice Anton Scalia.  The U.S. Senate has not held appointment hearings for the Obama named replacement to allow for the new president to shape the court as the new president sees fit with the advice and consent of the senate.

 Appointed for life, these justices can serve an average of thirty-five years assuming they are appointed at 50 and serve until 85.  The political leaning and drive of the current and possible future justices can be strict adherence to the intent of the Constitution –  known as Constitutionalists, or ideologues who believe the Constitution no longer applies as it was written and will rewrite it from the bench as a “living” document to be changed by them and not by the states and the people.  These ideologues are for the most part globalists who want to rid the United States of its national sovereignty.

The age and leaning of the current justices:

  • Chief Justice Roberts – 61 years – constitutionalist with exceptions
  • Justice Kennedy – 80 years – constitutionalist with exceptions
  • Justice Thomas – 68 years – constitutionalist
  • Justice Ginsberg – 83 years – ideologue in the purest sense
  • Justice Beyer – 78 years in a few days – ideologue
  • Justice Alito – 66 years – constitutionalist
  • Justice Sotomayor – 62 Years – ideologue
  • Justice Kagan – 56 years – ideologue

Scotus 2

Justice Ginsberg napping during a joint session of Congress with Justice Beyer resting his eyes

The next President will name a justice to replace the recently deceased constitutionalist Justice Scalia and in the next four/eight years a replacement for Justice Ginsburg; Justice Kennedy; and Justice Beyer– for what could effectively be thirty-five-year terms.

Why is this important?  The makeup of the Court can either be seven constitutionalists to two ideologues, resulting in decisions for the next twenty-five to thirty-five years protecting the intent of the Constitution and the purpose and intent of the sovereignty of this nation at its founding.  Or it can be six to three in favor of the ideologues, wherein the Constitutional will not be recognizable over the next twenty-five to thirty-five years.

Hillary Clinton is clearly an ideologue intent on appointing ideologues.  Donald Trump has provided a list of potential named appointments and all are constitutionalists.

You choose: let the Supreme Court change this country to the desire of a handful of leftist ideologues; or leave it to those who will protect this nation as was intended.