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Watch the republicans who work against Trump and who fail to attend the convention – some are very familiar names.  These people are the cause of the problem in the party and for our nation covering the time since Reagan. Have you once thought that the republican and the democratic parties seem the same.

The battle is not left versus right or liberal versus conservative.  The battle is open borders, one world government, the new world order and loss of national sovereignty, accompanied by a diminished standard of living against our way of life.  The warriors seeking loss of sovereignty in this fight on the Republican side are people like Bill Kristol, apparently Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and a cadre of players at the National Review.  These people think of themselves and purport to be the gate keepers to the “conservative” Republican Party.

It seems that if you call yourself a conservative, you can dismiss all comers and claim ownership of the mantle “conservative republican”.  Now that someone other than the anointed “conservatives” dares to speak the reality of what is happening to our nation, he is disparaged.   He is disparaged because what he professes publicly has nothing to do with the quiet wants of the “conservative” plutocracy.  Yes we have a liberal and a conservative plutocracy.  Click on plutocracy above to see how powerfully this word describes what is happening to this nation.

It is the homogeneous nature of the plutocracies that is dangerous.  If you have felt that both parties are the same, then you are witnessing plutocratic leadership.  The charade has been left versus right, liberal versus conservative.  The so called republican conservative leadership and the democratic leadership spearheaded by Hillary Clinton, who is now a plutocrat, are seeking open borders delivering themselves greater power and ultimate financial gain.

It seems Bill Kristol, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and the cadre at the National Review among others are not the slightest bit concerned about the 2016 Presidential Election grand prize.  The winner of this election will have the power to change the future of this nation for the next twenty to forty years.  The winner will pick up four or even five replacement Supreme Court  Justices.

These  stand up”conservatives” are willing to diminish Donald Trump’s chances to win in 2016 for their own purposes.  Tell me how does a conservative not care about this nation being plunged into an open borders, loss of sovereignty, loss of national identity, and loss of individual freedom supreme bench decisions?

What will this nation look like in two score after Hillary revamps the Supreme Court and strips us of our Constitution with justices who will rewrite that venerable document?

Messers Kristol, Romney, Ryan, and the cadre of writers at the National Review along with the hidden money people – the plutocracy whom they serve – clearly do not give a hoot about conservatism, the Constitution, or the sovereignty of this nation.