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The Republican Congress’ failure to act on so many of President Obama’s pen and telephone initiatives has been puzzling.  We know now that it has been a charade and the curtain has now been pulled back by Congressman, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

Ryan’s comment that he is not ready to support Trump has roots.  When queried he indicated that he and Trump disagree about immigration and trade.  Couple this with the direction Ryan took to get the Congress to authorize carte blanche for President Obama’s increased borrowing and spending – or all of the above maintaining business as usual.

Business as usual is what the establishment moneyed oligarchy has wanted and continues to want.  Guess what, Ryan is a mouthpiece of the moneyed establishment.  No wonder he cannot support Trump.  Trump is the anti-establishment guy.  These moneyed behind the scenes unelected governors want open immigration with open borders.  Do you wonder why the borders have not been protected after years of promises?  They want a North American Union (leading to a one world government), totally free unencumbered unfair trade.  This will and has cost American jobs, good jobs, prosperity, population safety, and the retention of our standard of living.

As long as the Federal Reserve continues to do their bidding and the Executive and Congressional Branches follow along, the oligarchy of powerful moneyed people thrives.  The middle class suffers the inability to earn respectable interest in savings, raises at their jobs, rising medical costs, and among other threats the injustices on the population caused by illegal immigrants in some case particularly violent.

Those who have not made it to the middle class or fell out of the middle class, suffer little or no viable jobs and loss in self esteem due to the numerous budget draining assistance programs.  We have students duped into taking higher and higher student loans to feed the universities’ ever growing effort to spend on professors who do not teach and the non-inflation rate increase professor and administrator salaries.  Our millennial  population has been short changed in that jobs are scarce even with a degree, but also that the education system has not trained them to due critical thinking or provided them with a strong background in history and basic economics to understand the difference and the results of communism, socialism, and capitalism.

Speaker Ryan has now revealed the game plan that has been playing out for years.  Donald Trump is right.  It is time to fix immigration and the economy. These are the two root causes of our national malaise and suffering.   The current immigration and economic problems are brought to us by the moneyed establishment elites who supersede both major parties as the puppet masters.  Keeping Speaker Ryan in the Congress with a President Trump will be a major mistake as Ryan will act as a world class speed bump to Trump’s efforts to fix what has been put in place by the oligarchy.

Ryan needs to be “primaried”!  His current primary opponent is Paul Nehlen. What Nehlen believes or the degree of his competence good or bad, does not matter.  If nominated, Ryan is out, and Nehlen becomes one of 435 if elected.  The important part is that the oligarchy, may lose control of the House of Representatives.  Contributions from around the country need to go to Nehlen and PAC’s need to support Nehlen.

Unless the yoke of suppression by the oligarchy is broken, Trump will have difficulty in returning this nation to greatness.