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Hey, self important Romney and establishment friends (many more than those depicted)!  Out of control illegal immigration is brought to us by you folks blocking years of attempted immigration reforms.  You have given us a nation controlled by financial powers like the Goldman Sachs club, a Congress that does not listen to the people that elected it; forgetting promises to get elected, voting in favor of your very own lobbyists and donors initiatives.  There is more, but now the curtain of secrecy has been lifted not by Donald trump, but by the extreme and often ludicrous efforts you have made to stop this man who is not beholden to you.

Your speech today, begs the question why did you not take the gloves off against President Obama during your 2012 campaign?  However, now you have dropped your gloves like a warring hockey player against Mr. Trump?  You are no conservative sir, especially after the Massachusetts health care reforms you fought for, which were the formula and basis for Obamacare.

We now see that you and the rest of your elite moneyed establishment buddies have been a shadow government stealing this democratic republic from the people.  Just how stupid do you think we are?  Do you continue to think we will fall for your assertions, after what has now become apparent?  If so, then you folks are really out of touch with the electorate.  Electorate anger is directed at you and your friends especially those in Congress, don’t you get this?  You are the ones jeopardizing the 2016 congressional elections and the presidency – DUH!!

The actions of a Republican Congress led by Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan/John Boehner have cemented the notion that they and the body of legislators of both houses are bought and paid for by your friends.  Thus adding fuel to the fire that a no longer silent coup d’état by your ilk exists.  Your actions are now out in the open and each and every time you folks attempt to derail Donald Trump, you just make the coup d’état more well known and stoke the anger of the electorate.

Why do you folks think you are astute enough to dictate to the electorate what they should think and do?  Your buddies have made a mess of this country for their own and your benefit.  Your combined actions against Donald Trump are so laughable and transparent that you have even lost credibility as smart coup d’état players.

Get out of this race, go back to your leather country club chairs, count your money, and stop trying unsuccessfully to tell the people what they should think and do, as you have lost all credibility.