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            So, a bunch of actors and actresses have decided to boycott the #oscarssowhite, or whatever they are calling it in the media.  It seems like a small, irrelevant, "who cares?" issue, but it is actually a small part of a larger, absolutely relevant issue - or dare I say, epidemic.  That issue is the liberal media - and our President - accusing those that don't agree with their point of view of being racist or un-Christian.  Well, stop calling me a racist! Because I am not. Nor am I un-Christian.  And I resent the implication.


I don’t want to allow possible terrorists into this country.  The sad fact is that means a lot of non-terrorists that need help won’t be allowed in either because, despite what our intrepid leader (I hope you can hear the sarcasm here) is preaching, we have no way to separate the crazy Islamists from the not-so-crazy ones.


I do feel bad about that because those people are victims of a conflict they want no part in. But they also come from a culture where Sharia Law is the norm and perfectly acceptable, and that is in direct conflict with the American beliefs and ideals.  And while most of these folks are not willing to kill and inflict terror in the name of their beliefs, there are many that don’t necessarily disagree with those who are.  Like a hooker at a Mormon retreat, it’s just not a good fit. Not only that, but our resources and the resources of every nation that are taking these refugees in are severely taxed, meaning the life the refugees are immigrating to is not all its cracked up to be. So, many of these refugees want to go home.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (Some Migrants in Germany Want to Go Home) addressed these issues occurring in Germany, which has opened its doors to an inordinate number of refugees:

…many who arrive find the country doesn’t match their often inflated expectations. They balk at modest benefits, poor job prospects, and harsh treatment at immigration offices, and voice other complaints ranging from bland food to Germans’ open attitudes about sex…

…Others cite cultural estrangement as a reason they want to go back.

Abdullah Alsoaan, a 51-year-old dentist from Deir Ezzour in eastern Syria, said he came to Germany 10 months ago with the help of the United Nations to receive treatment for complications of diabetes. Now he is waiting for a new passport to return to the 10 children he left behind in Syria. The reason: After seeing teenagers kissing in public, he said he couldn’t raise his daughters here. “The problem isn’t with the Germans or Germany, people are very nice,” said Mr. Alsoaan. “But they have their way of living their lives and we have ours.”

So me and tons of other people in this country are un-Christian, because we don’t want to welcome the refugees with open arms. Trump is defending us, and the liberals are screaming that if Trump is elected the United States will be the laughing stock of the world.  Newsflash! We’ve got homegrown issues that have been well on their way to making us a joke long before the Syrian soap opera.  The fact is a large majority of people in our nation have become as sensitive as a teenage girl going through puberty.  And we’re okay with that.  We have now become a country where you get a trophy for simply participating, we don’t use red ink to mark tests in schools because it’s too harsh, and wishing someone a “Merry Christmas” is considered an insult.  I recently read an article about a girls’ basketball team being kicked off the court for being too good (Girls Basketball Team Gets Booted From the League For Being Too Good).  Apparently the other teams in the league didn’t want to compete against them because they were too good.  What the what?!?! Is there such a thing as too good? That’s an oxymoron! And isn’t “too good” what we should all strive to be? Why do I suspect that at a meeting with Putin our President may have used “but that’s not fair” as a legit argument?  Because that is just how pathetic we’ve become.  So now I’m a bully, in addition to being un-Christian, because I don’t agree that people should be kicked out of anything because they are “too good” and make others feel inferior.


But wait! I’m also a racist.  Because I think it is just ridiculous that these days people tend to play the race card when they don’t get their way. Let’s go back to the Academy Awards scandal… Apparently the members of the Academy are racist because there are no black nominees this year in high profile categories, like Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, or Best Picture.  Big frickin’ deal! Perhaps if there had never been any blacks receiving these nominations it would be a different story.  But that’s not the case.  In 2013, Steve McQueen (not the white one) was nominated for – and won! – Best Director for 12 Years a Slave, which also won Best Picture.  Well maybe he only won because he’s very light skinned and can be mistaken for white.


The “other” Steve McQueen

Nope, nope, he’s black alright.  Okay, well what about Lupita Nyong’o, Octavia Spencer, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Viola Davis – who have all been nominated for or won an Oscar within the last 5 years and who all happen to be very black? They beat out the white competition because they were exceptional in their performances.  But there haven’t been any black nominees in the last 2 years! Who cares? Does anyone join me in thinking that perhaps, despite excellent performances, they faced stiff competition and just didn’t make the cut?  What if there had been no white nominees in the last 2 years? Do you think anyone would be making such a fuss? Do you think white actors would be boycotting the awards show and yelling “Racism!”? And let’s look at it from another point of view.  If I was a black actor, actress or director would I want to be nominated knowing that it may not have been due to my merit alone, but because they needed some diversity? And from a third point of view…maybe they weren’t nominated because they were too good and made the other actors and actresses feel inferior.

So let’s see…I’m un-Christian, a racist and a bully.  Dear Lord, I’m such a horrible person!


I call “bullshit”! I am in no way, shape, or form any of those things.  Unfortunately there are people who deserve every one of those nasty epithets.  And you know what those people also are?  Assholes.  But an asshole, according to the dictionary, is defined as “a stupid, mean, or contemptible person.”  I simply want to be safe in my home (in America), earn what I’m given and have others do the same, and not be penalized for excelling at everything I do.  Oh yea, I’m an asshole alright.   And to those touchy feely progressives that infer that I am one, I say: