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            <h1 style="text-align:center;"><span style="color:#0000ff;">THE CLIMATE CLOWNS! Beware!</span></h1>


Do these “Climate Clowns” know the Earth’s past, present, and future for climatic, geological, and atmospheric upheaval?  It doesn’t seem they do.

Key Fact: Man has occupied untamable Earth for 0.0002% of its history.

Are “Climate Clowns” delusional?  Or have they a nefarious agenda?

A non-scientist can see that planet Earth cannot be tamed!  Let’s see.

  • Our Earth has had a tumultuous past.
  • It will have a tumultuous future with or without man.
  • Man’s climate fixes are so infinitesimally futile to future Earth.
  • The fixes will cause disastrous economic upheaval to the people of Earth.

I vote for nefarious agenda –

one world government and wealth redistribution, maybe.

While the “Climate Clowns” are fiddling with questionable climate change “fixes”, the Earth’s future will include massive volcanic eruptions; meteor, asteroid, comet strikes; and more continental shift.

Life-changing events, not yet encountered such as the moon being knocked out of orbit by a space collision.  This typically could create an extinction event. Removing man from the narrative entirely, the story of the Earth’s cataclysmic changes from past to present proves that man has negligible influence.  “Why?” you say!

4.5 Billion years ago – the Earth was formed

  • Collisions of countless meteors create a massive fireball, Earth.
  • The planet’s surface of molten rock was 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit; for perspective, the sun’s surface is 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It took 100 million years for water to arrive via comet and asteroid strikes.
  • The molten rock, released carbon dioxide.
  • This was followed by 400 million years of steady rain from atmospheric water vapor in a carbon dioxide-heavy atmosphere.
  • Planet temperature is now less toasty at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Earth became totally covered in ocean.

The next 1.1 billion years – continents of granite form and shift

  • Stromatolites appeared using sunlight to create oxygen.
  •  In the next 700 million years: earth’s atmosphere became rich in oxygen.
  • Massive continental shift occurs.

The next 1.9 billion years – single supercontinent forms

  • After 500 million years primitive ocean life began to form.
  • 300 million years later the supercontinent has changed the ocean currents and the weather, creating snowball earth or perhaps maybe not.
  • Needless to say whether this was snowball earth or not,  at 650 million years of age severe climate change has occurred.
  • The planet temperature has become a chilly  -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The next 870 million years – Carbon dioxide fills the atmosphere

  • Atmosphere is no longer rich in oxygen, due to heavy prolonged volcanic activity bringing a green house effect.
  • Volcanic activity broke up the supercontinent – continents become adrift again.
  • A carbon dioxide rich atmosphere caused plant life to explode, once again.  Plant life again fills the atmosphere with oxygen.
  • Contrary to what todays “Climate Clowns” say, high carbon dioxide levels accelerate vegetation growth, which fosters high levels of oxygen in the atmosphere.
  • It is simply settled science, called photosynthesis.


The next 100 million years – the ozone layer is formed

  • With an ozone layer protecting the Earth from the Sun, life begins to form on shores of the now separate continents.
  • Earth becomes a tropical landscape.

The next 280 million years – planet wide volcanic eruptions surge due to pressure from the Earth’s mantel

  • Due to the molten rock and its accompanying poisonous gasses, 95% of life on our planet becomes extinct.
  • A new single supercontinent is formed and the climate change cycle continues.
  • Carbon dioxide rich Earth brought a hot tropical vegetation, followed by a lush plant driven oxygen rich atmosphere.
  • Dinosaurs appear and begin their evolution.

The next 70 million years – new upsurge of volcanic activity

  • Global warming has gone wild with carbon dioxide levels increasing over 500%, again spurring an explosion of tropical forests.
  • Volcanic eruptions split up the supercontinent.

The next 115 million years  – meteors (meteorites)

  • Arrival of meteorites including a 6 mile wide meteor striking at 45,000 MPH, fills the atmosphere with dust and debris.
  • Intensive lava flows from the other side of the planet from massive volcanic eruptions created filled the atmosphere with toxic gasses along with dust and debris.
  • 70% of species including the dinosaurs are wiped out.
  • It took 15 million years for life to recover
  • Mammals now appear and flourish.
  • Earth’s plate tectonics now force large mountain chains to emerge.

The next 63 million years – early humanoids appear

The earth is set for its next adventure, and did I say all this has been without today’s man and his “planet destroying ways”.  An asteroid could hit us in the near future making life on the planet extinct, despite “Climate Clown” climate change efforts.

  • Volcanic activity formed a land bridge between north and south America causing a major shift in the ocean currents.
  • Global temperatures drop, only a few degrees, but enough to cause a new ice age lasting roughly 10,000 years.
  • However, massive glaciers extended and receded multiple times for nearly 2 million years.

The next 1.9 million years – early humans on Earth

  • Mankind appears at the tail end

It took 4.5 billion less 10,000 years for the first footprint of man to appear.  This planet and space are so vast with so many cataclysmic happenings that there is nothing that man can do to shape the future of earth.

Climate warriors or, if you will, deceivers believe they can tame earth

So, now the “Climate Clowns” force industrial economies to make futile fixes, which can cause economic devastation for today’s human population, and cannot stave off the inevitable.  Our planet’s history has shown that all climate, continent, and atmosphere changes only move at a glacial pace (pun intended).  Of course the French Foreign minister says we only have 500 days.  Is there a hidden agenda?

The world has “500 days to avoid climate chaos,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said alongside Secretary of State John Kerry at the State Department on Tuesday.

After what you have digested what you read in this post … and then stop laughing at the absurdity of the “Climate Clowns”…know that we can expect to experience a new ice age in a mere 15,000 years to be aborted by change in plate tectonics creating massive volcanic eruptions with this cycle beginning again and again, and on and on.  For heaven sake, even our sun causes climate change, shall we turn it off?

Mankind is just a spec in the timeline of earth, it appears that we are just visiting until the next cataclysmic event.  Perhaps we should be looking into a new planet, because these “Climate Clowns” have no hope of changing or fixing anything.

Who are these “Climate Clowns” kidding?  Geological scientists explain that planet Earth has been undergoing climate change for 4.5 billion years.  The oft spouted claim of the definitive survey of the “Climate Clowns” that 97% / 98% of climate scientists concur with man made climate change is misleading at best, since the survey is statistically almost fraudulent.

Of over 10,000 surveys mailed to select science specialists, only 77 were returned with 75 agreeing to climate change existing.  Thus the oft quoted 98% of all scientists agree – how bogus.

They were asked two primary questions:

  1. When compared with pre-1800s levels, do you think that mean global temperatures have generally risen, fallen or remained relatively constant?
  2. Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures?


Take a look at Larry Bell’s thinking and information on the climate change matter in Forbes’s magazine.  He is not a climate scientist and neither am I.  It does not take a climate scientist to recognize bull crap, especially when you factor in planet Earth’s tumultuous history.