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            Would it be fair to say that right now our country is in crisis?  It seems like there is a new terrorist threat around every corner, our economy is in the toilet, Iran is...well, Iran, and don't get me started on climate change since it <em>sooo</em> important and <em>such a threat (dear god, I hope you realize I am being facetious about that)</em>.  So, in this time of turmoil, what has our fearless leader been up to?


He’s been “running wild” with Bear Grylls, reading mean tweets for Jimmy Kimmel, vacationing in Hawaii, getting coffee with Jerry Seinfeld and learning to take a great “selfie”.

Obama runs wild with Bear Grylls  

In case you don’t know, Bear is in a few television series which usually involve him being dropped into inhospitable places across the globe, showing viewers how to survive.  The shows usually feature Grylls doing things like  – climbing cliffs, parachuting from helicopters, balloons, and planes, paragliding, ice climbing, running through a forest fire, wading rapids, eating snakes, wrapping his urine-soaked T-shirt around his head to help stave off the desert heat, drinking urine , drinking fecal liquid from elephant dung, eating deer droppings, wrestling alligators, field dressing a camel carcass and drinking water from it, eating various “creepy crawlies”, utilizing the corpse of a sheep as a sleeping bag and flotation device, free climbing waterfalls and using a bird guano/water enema for hydration – just to name a few.  Recently he has begun dragging celebrities out to the wilderness with him to embrace these experiences.

And while I’m glad to know that my Commander-in-Chief can trek across a glacier and eat a bloody salmon discarded by a bear, I’d really he rather focus on keeping me safe from ISIS and breathing life into our dying economy.  But hey, maybe that’s just me.

Well at least he has a sense of humor about everything, right?  That’s the most important thing.  Just to show what a good sport he his, he went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and participated in a Mean Tweets segment, where celebrities live read the tweets the general public put out in the “social media sphere” about them.  Those tweets are of the very mean variety.

Obama Read My ‘Mean Tweets’ on TV, and It Was Awesome 47542281.cached

With such a hectic schedule it must be hard for our fearless leader to stay alert so he absolutely needs to get his coffee fix…with Jerry Seinfeld.

President Obama Will Share a Cup of Joe With Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee 


For the uninformed, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a comedy web series created by Jerry Seinfeld.  Episodes feature Seinfeld introducing a vintage car selected for a guest comedian, followed by a drive to a pre-selected cafe or restaurant for coffee. And because it’s all done with comedians, hi jinks usually ensue.

Perhaps Obama’s episode ends without a “goodbye” but with an “aloha” because after wrapping, Mr. President was headed to Hawaii for his annual vacation.


So, if Hawaii is the official annual vacation, does that make his myriad other jaunts his unofficial vacations?

Report: Price of Obama getaways $70 million so far, and counting

According to this McClatchy DC article, 2015 saw Obama heading to New York with his daughters for a weekend trip that included a Broadway show and a private museum tour, and lots and lots of golf in Florida, Southern California and Martha’s Vineyard.  And how much did our President we pay for these “getaways”?

New estimates put the price tag of the Obamas’ 2015 trips that are all or largely personal at $11.6 million for travel costs alone, according to the conservative group Judicial Watch, based on federal government records. That brings the overall cost of personal or largely personal travel to at least $70.5 million since Obama took office in 2009, according to the group’s analysis. Now the White House disputes these figures.  The official line is that many of these trips were work-related and that the President’s predecessor took more vacation time than Obama has.  Any lawyer or high level executive will tell you that the way to expense your “vacation” is to fit in an hour of “work” during your trip.  As for the rebuttal that former President Bush took more vacations than Obama….well, I used to put together arguments in that same vein…when I was 12!  Yes, I broke that lamp, (in whiny voice) but she (my sister) broke your expensive china dishes.

Dude Mr. President! I’m sure this whole “leader of the free world” thing is tiring and time consuming.  And I know that it is tough to get a good selfie.  I still can’t seem to take one that doesn’t make me look drunk or dying, but then again I haven’t really put a lot of effort into it since I have more important things to do. But, see, you’re in a limited time gig – one that you campaigned for – and you’ve professed your love of the United States.  The night you won re-election in 2012 you said, “We may have battled fiercely, but it’s only because we love this country deeply, and we care so strongly about its future (Source).” If what you said is true, and things being as bad as they are, I expect you to spend a less time drinking elk urine and taking selfies and a little more time actually doing your job.  Because right now, the United States is not feeling the love.