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            "Common Sense" was a series of essays by Thomas Paine in support of ratification of our Constitution.  Well we definitely are in need of Common Sense with regard to our nation.  <em>What’s Wrong - </em><em>Why It Is wrong - </em><em>What Do We Need To Do To Fix It.</em>

This essay is about our unrepresentative CONGRESS!


.congress needs limits how long they should be able to stay in office:

.congress needs limits how long they should be able to stay in office

What’s wrong? Common Sense should bring us to the conclusion that anything this broken should be discarded and then rebuilt from scratch.  Well, Common Sense also leads us the original plan for Congress, an absolutely brilliant plan brought about by compromise and with a hint of the British upper and lower houses.  Maybe the solution is to go back to what made the Congress work for the people and the states.

As a primer to many who have not had the luxury of being taught history or civics in our school system’s new age system of learning, it should be pointed out that the Senate was originally elected by the State’s Legislatures and served to be the parliamentary body primarily representing the States, using a long term statesman approach to issues facing our country. Being not popularly elected by the people, rather elected by the State’s Legislators and having six year terms meant that the Senators could avoid knee jerk solutions to problems facing this country and they would not be beholden to their national political party while protecting the sovereignty of their State.

Why is it Broken?  Why is Congress broken? It is all about money and who gets it.We now have professional Representatives who run for office every two and six years and need oodles of money to do so.  This situation is dangerous for all of us.

Thanks to the Seventeenth Amendment BOTH Senators and Representatives represent their party, lobbyists, benefactors, and special interest groups. Neither the States nor the people are adequately represented.

How do we fix it?  Common Sense says that we should eliminate having lobbyists write the bills, as is now the practice.  Lobbyists drown out the voice of constituents.  Lobbyists steal the vote from the individual citizen.

Common Sense says eliminate – disallow – any campaign contributions or campaign support emanating from outside the Congressional candidate’s district or the Senate candidate’s State, this includes campaign funds from PAC’s (Political Action Committees) and Political Parties. Personal contributors must reside primarily in the district of the House candidate and the State for a Senate candidate for whom they are making a campaign contribution.  A corporate contributor must be headquartered in the district of the House candidate and in the state for a Senate candidate for whom it is making a campaign contribution.

Lastly Common Sense says that the members of Congress will tell you that it is time for these changes, but they will do everything they can to derail any effort to impose these draconian changes. The only way to get this in place is via a constitutional amendment and by use of the alternate means to bypass Congress – ARTICLE V of the Constitution.

Wherein, two thirds of the State’s Legislatures call for a constitutional convention to propose these amendments and with three fourths of the State’s Legislatures ratifying or by conventions in three fourths of the States ratifying, the changes will become amendments to the Constitution.  Congress can do nothing about it, but obey.

Better yet, let’s just repeal the Seventeenth Amendment!