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            <strong><em>I have sent the follow to my two Arizona Senators and I suggest that this be sent to as many U.S. Senators by their constituents as possible.  Please try to get this to as many people as you can including the news.</em></strong>


Is it the Senator’s serious dedicated intent to bring this “Treaty” to the floor of the Congress under Article 2, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution.


The President may choose to call this agreement anything he wishes, but in every sense and definition of the term treaty this agreement between two or more sovereign powers including the United States is a Treaty of the United States requiring 2/3 of the U.S. Senate for approval.


This provision was placed into the Constitution to prevent the President from using sole power to steer the direction of this nation in matters of grave international importance.


Senator, I want to know will this be brought to the floor of the Senate for that 2/3’s vote – no up or down vote like any other bill?


Will the Senate exercise its Constitutional OBLIGATION to provide advice and consent on this treaty with the requisite 2/3’s of Senators present voting YES for approval?


This or any other President does not control the activities of the United States Senate


Senator I am seeking a detailed answer to my questions.


If not considered a treaty, specifically why is it not considered a treaty, when it meets all the definitions of a treaty?


If considered a treaty, why is it not planned to receive the necessary 2/3’s vote on the Senate floor, that is unless it successfully receives the appropriate vote.


Why is the undisputed supporter of international terrorism, Iran, and the greatest prevaricator of international trickery, responsible for the many U.S. deaths and dismemberment of U.S. troops in Iraq, receiving this kind of foolish treatment?


What is a treaty?


treaty legal definition of treaty