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            We are being buried in a sea of regulations with the force of law by the executive branch.  Our Congress has abdicated its law making power under the Constitution by giving, for years, the executive branch the ability through its various departments and agencies the power to make regulation; some regulations are so intrusive that freedom is lost, economic growth is heavily hindered.
  • The EPA is now trying to use regulation to intrude on states rights, in violation of the tenth amendment.
  • The Justice Department is attempting to provide rules for local police departments.
  • The IRS is ruling on everything possible.
  • The Energy Department, HHS, and the list goes on as all departments and agencies are getting into the act.

The Federal Register is now up to 80,000 pages of regulations, which stymie the economy, job creation, and which are turning this nation into a progressive utopia.  The executive branch is using the ability of its departments to make regulation as a means to bypass Congress and to grow the federal government.  What does Congress do about this sea of paper strangling this nation – absolutely nothing.  Just how much law is found in the 80,000 pages.  Does any one person know what is in the Register.

The solution to rolling these regulations back and preventing the uncontrolled growth of these regulations is eerily simple.  A simple one paragraph law passed by Congress, if signed into law, could require any regulation or list of regulations proposed by an executive branch department or agency to be presented to the committees that oversee the department or agency for review and then a vote by the Congress, if the committees accept and send the regulation or regulations to the floor of each house for a vote.  Congress can then take control of the regulation process, and even require all regulations enacted over the past six, or whatever time period to be presented to Congress for reauthorization by vote or terminated by not achieving a majority.

Our Constitution does not provide for any government agency or department to make law, only Congress can make law.  Let’s start using the Constitution of the Republic correctly, before we loose ourselves into a sea off regulations designed to strangle this nation into a nation of power by unelected bureaucrats on behalf of the executive branch.  The scales of power have tipped too far toward the executive branch.