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            Sure, in our insatiable desire to be safe, we now have reached critical mass of our population that will willingly give up individual liberty and privacy to the federal government - "anything, just keep me safe".

We do know that the executive branch of the federal government has under both parties used the IRS to get the goods on political opponents and critics.  Do we know if the massive metadata gathering of cell phone information has allowed the executive branch to gather information of political opponents?  Well?

Isn’t it odd how certain people like General Petraeus, and Senator Menendez have been suddenly silenced by the administration?

If we keep allowing the federal government agencies of the executive branch more and more ability to peek into the lives of ordinary citizens or select individuals, how long will it be that the Republic is gone in favor of a power few with access to information to silence critics.  Under the Patriot Act, now temporarily sidelined, a general warrant is used and not specific individual warrants.  One of the reasons we revolted against England was the use of general warrants against us.  Yet we have Senators, Congressman, and the administration sympathetic media trying to reinstate the general warrant to give the “questionable” executive branch more power to manipulate critics and opponents.

The success of the Patriot Act is in debate.  Political operatives, from staff to appointed administration officials, and elected representatives and senators, tout that we are now in serious danger.  However, the touted successes stopping terrorist attacks are in question from none, to three, to hundreds.  It depends on which side is speaking.  There is scant proof that this unnecessary invasion of the privacy of all Americans warrants the continuation of giving the executive branch enormous unchallenged power to snoop against terrorists, but more importantly to snoop against citizens, critics, and opponents.

This unfettered permission is just plain dumb.  The people in government are not altruistic.  They are there in D.C. for the power achieved and nothing more, but to achieve more power.  The reason we the people have the Constitution is to protect us from the government, not to allow the government to control us.  Yes we have the FISA Court, which is not a court at all. The targets of the questionable are not permitted to defend themselves and are not even able to talk about the actions of the court toward them.  These judges are essentially a rubber stamp in a closed session, with no light of day – hardly due process justice.  In fact, one or more of these judges have spoken out against the NSA’s use of the Patriot Act.

Is this how this new country, starting under this Constitution in 1789 to provide its citizens as much freedom as possible, should turn into a shell of the free patriot nation, with a document known as the Patriot Act.

There are better ways to stay safe that do not relinquish hard fought freedoms.