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The Nation and Our States


This STARSPANGLEDTHINKING blog will stop effective tomorrow.  While I believe there were some good pieces posted, and it made good reading, I could not build the readership, and could not lure more writers.  I can’t complain since I gave it a good try.  My posts on Facebook and on the new alternative to Facebook, www.freetalk24.com, actually seen by more people than starspangledthinking.com, will continue.

This has been the final WordPress post for the blog “StarSpangledThinking”.  By the way, the name is available and can be purchased – just check with Go Daddy.

On behalf of myself and the other writers, thank you for following us.

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President Trump should tell the Democrats that they can amend the CR, which funds the wall, by adding DACA.  He should announce that if they amend it with DACA and it passes he will sign the CR. If it fails, President Trump should openly ask why the Democrats do not want to protect the people of this country, only foreign illegals. “Don’t Schumer’s Democrats care about putting the people of this nation first?

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Deputy AG Rosenstein Clears President Trump

Is developing dirt on an election opponent illegal? NO! Done all the time by all political parties.

Is making up dirt or exaggerating dirt on an election opponent illegal? NO! Done all the time my candidates of all political parties.

When the special counsel, Robert Mueller, resorts to finding something to charge a witness with, to coerce false testimony, and tells the witness that there will be no charges if he or she lies to nail the President, the office of the special counsel has crossed over to illegal vigilantism.  Yet the mainstream media is drooling over every potential coerced lie.

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What to do about the voting irregularities or perceived irregularities?  First what are the problems?  Well, there are many and the fix is very difficult, unless the populace (registered voters that is) start making noise, but what should they make noise about? An examination of what is wrong and how to fix it.

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Pelosi describes what the Democrats’ plan is!

Since they have no real platform to offer you, they have to opt for what Pelosi calls “Wrap Up Smear”. You have seen this at play heavily in the Kavanaugh hearings and anything Donald Trump does. Is this the party you wish to have in power. They are apparently experts in the “Wrap Up Smear” where they use the main stream media as useful idiots. The “Wrap Up Smear”.

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Many have complained about the “Swamp” in Washington D.C., but few have a workable solution. I have the solution and it will work. No one person can drain this swamp and Congress will not fix itself. Check out my solution.

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What Do The Democrats Know About Socialism To Want It?

Leaders of the democratic party have been pushing socialism as the next best thing for this nation, but why?  What do they know that we don’t?  When a major political party embraces socialism and many of its leaders call for it, it must be a good thing and be worthy of the vote of the democratic rank and file registered voters. 

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Trump Is Right On Trade With China

What they will not tell you is that China can’t win.  China needs us way more than we need them and China’s economy can’t handle a trade war.  President Trump is right about China stealing our trade secrets and treating us as a second class nation in trade.

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31 Democrat reasons to get Trump out of office!!!!

Folks we simply cannot allow this prosperity to continue – we must dump Trump.  We must elect democrats to the Congress to impeach Trump.  Mueller must find something on Trump. Trump is destroying the lackluster, even anemic economies of our last two presidents – 16 years.

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Roe v. Wade: Why is the left apoplectic?

Is there something the left knows about Roe v. Wade that most people don’t know.  Could it be that the life of an unborn child was not considered?  Could it be that given that a late second trimester baby has a chance to live and may very well be a person in the womb?  Maybe they know that this 1973 decision was a stretch linking it to the Constitution?

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A Democrat’s Conundrum! An Open Letter to Hard Working Democrats.

Let’s face it. Today’s Democratic Party has clearly morphed into an open borders socialist organization – look at the pedigree of their leadership -a collection of socialists.  The days of the blue collar working man or women being backed and defended by the Democratic Party have come and gone.  The Democratic Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, has openly said that she wants to raise your taxes and that Donald Trumps tax plan is providing mere crumbs.  The man is literally trying to make america great again, and they are fighting him at every turn.  He has tried to compromise, include them into talks, and negotiate – they will have none of it. You may want to rethink your party allegiance.

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The goal is to take away control of this fine nation from its citizens by diluting the control of citizens and creating election chaos allowing the few in the deep state to take charge.  This is a very slow moving coup!  The Democratic party and some members of the Republican party are embracing government by the chosen few.  The One World Government movement needs to eliminate the United States and its Constitution as a major impediment to One World Government.  Open borders is the trigger to this elimination.

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Wake up and recognize that our Justice Department is and has been investigating where no crime exists, The “acting” head of the Justice Department, Rosenstein, is now challenging the Constitutional role of Congress in oversight of the Justice Department – the hydra media is silent.  The defrocked head of the FBI is now making the rounds with fairytale explanations and definitions of what he has done.  A complicit mainstream media is not holding Rosenstein or Comey to necessarily deserved scrutiny.  I wish there was a happy ending to this essay, but the hydra is winning and taking control.

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Facebook: The Interrogation

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook was called to testify before Congress, and he did an admirable job of saying what members of Congress wanted to hear.  He was polite, took responsibility, and apologized for not doing more.  It was very good television...

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By replacing Mr. Mueller with a prosecutor who has a mandate to scour the Executive Branch for past misdeeds and especially to clean up what has become a rogue Justice Department inclusive of the FBI, President Trump will be obstructing nothing.  Seeking national TV time by hinting of a major national security speech.  He states / announces to the nation that he is cleaning out the problem people in his Executive Branch.  This will likely set the Democrats and some Republicans back on their heels.  It will be a devasting blow to the deep state, confound the mainstream media, and get justice for the American people.  His announcement includes this statement.  I am ending the two-tier justice system of the political elites.  There can be no impeachment because he is obstructing nothing.

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OBAMA VIOLATES THE LOGAN ACT – Media remains quiet. What a surprise.

If Congress impeaches him (Trump) for violating the Logan Act prior to taking office, then he and Barack Obama are have violated the same law.  Yes, Obama has been and is touring foreign capitals following President Trump’s trips and talking with the same leaders with whom President Trump had state-level discussions.  Former President Obama in abject violation of the Logan Act is currently conducting his own foreign policy to negate the policy of our current administration and our nation. 

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Special interest groups and lobbyists utilize campaign money as the ultimate political aphrodisiac. Unfortunately, too many of our Congressman and Senators are bought.  Mix term limits with the growth of personal power, via continued reelection, and the ability to add wealth to their campaigns for reelection by serving the various uber-wealthy individuals seeking not favors, but control, and we have the “establishment”.  The real definition of the establishment, in a political sense, is the use of money to achieve personal goals, whether they are in the national interest or not.  Monied individuals have taken control of our country.

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Remembering Robert E. Lee

Robert E Lee was married to George Washington's granddaughter. He worked with Grant during the Mexican-American war and became a decorated war hero defending this country. He believed slavery was a great evil and his wife broke the law by teaching slaves...

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What Has Hillary Clinton Ever Accomplished?

This is just a small sample of the incompetence and corruption regarding the Clinton Cartel, and lest we forget, enemy nations donated millions of dollars to her money laundering pay-for-play foundation. (These payments were) in return for favors promised once she became president which she no doubt assured was going to happen seeing how the election was factually rigged in her favor.  Now you know why she is blaming everyone on the planet for her loss, she owes foreign enemies big time! Hahahahahahaha, karma is a bitch huh Hillary?

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Amend Our Constitution – Are You Nuts? Maybe Not!

Amend our Constitution? The resounding answer is yes!  They are necessary to rein in the runaway federal government and to reestablish the original balance of power by regaining previously designated spheres of control.  If you fear that a faction will seek to provide the federal government absolute power, fear not.  The delegates will come from the states and each and every proposed amendment must be ratified by each of thirty-eight states’ legislatures or states’ conventions.  This daunting number of thirty-eight out of fifty, alone will serve to ensure that only truly needed and purposeful amendments will be ratified.  If thirteen states decline to ratify an amendment for fear of giving up their current power, the proposed amendment is dead.

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Should Harvey Weinstein Convert to Islam?

The Democratic Party and their minions have championed feminism but it seems that the most liberal areas of the country are the most sexist.  Hollywood, Silicon Valley, New York Metro area, and Washington D.C. are the bastion of sexism and unequal compensation for women.  Where is the outrage from the feminists in those areas?   

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Why You Should Take a Moment Before You #TakeAKnee

Take a moment before you #takeaknee to really think about what you are accomplishing by doing so.  Do you think you are insulting President Trump – who, by the way, indicated that ANY football player, regardless of color, not standing during the national anthem should be fired – or sending a message that you are unhappy with the state of racial affairs and immigration in this country in the hopes of effecting change? Newsflash! You are accomplishing none of this! Here’s what you are accomplishing…

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Hollywood Actors: Political Experts??

Hollywood talks trash about conservatives and expects Americans to listen to them about ‘everything political.” You want us to pay attention? Put your money and actions where your mouth is and start defending the rights of all American citizens.

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Two prior government officials who have spoken up are former CIA director James Woolsey and EMP Commissioner Vincent Pry. Their editorial* in a number of publications warned: “According to the Congressional EMP Commission, a single warhead delivered by North Korean satellite could blackout the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures for over a year—killing 9 of 10 Americans by starvation and societal collapse.”

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My Account of the Trump Phoenix Rally – The Real Crowd Story

This event reported either about the poor turn out, poor Trump speech, and heavy protester turn out is filled with false reporting. The first-hand report, with video, proves the media to be fake news. the event was packed with supporters who stayed till the very end. They were a charged up crowd in total support of President Trump.

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The Democrats now offer a “Better Deal”!  Can they explain their “Worse Deal” for the last eight years?

Schumer has said Democrats will promise “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future” yet they saddled us with Obamacare and hundreds of additional job killing regulations.  They have slowed the economy with eight years of legislation that can take the life out of any economic growth.  They handed us an anemic gross domestic product, job loss, and low wage growth.

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Congress is All About the Money NOT the People

Term limits alone are not the solution for Congress’ failure to represent the people.  Yes, you can apply term limits in a Convention for Proposing Amendments and seek ratification, but this will not squelch the hoard of money tossing lobbyists.  They contribute to House and Senate campaigns, hire Representatives and Senators relatives, and donate to political action committees supporting those in Congress.

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FBI, DNC, Russians, Trump – Connect the dots game.

Rumors abound that former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was communicating with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch about the Hillary Clinton email investigation “matter” to block the investigation.

Maybe it is more than rumors.  Here is what we know – you be the judge:

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